Regenerum body regenerating serum


The light foam formula of the serum provides instant and lasting moisturizing and nourishment of skin, leaving it soft and silky smooth. The serum intensively calms and regenerates skin, even very dry , dehydrated or irritated by damaging external factors (low temperature, wind or sun).

Regenerum regenerating body serum



  • Provides deep hydration and nourishment to skin.
  • Intensively regenerates
  • Firms and makes skin supple
  • Smooths skin, makes it soft and gives it pleasant feel
  • Effectively calms and soothes irritation of any kind
  • Its regular use visibly enhances condition and look of skin.




Regenerum regenerating body serum leaves skin pleasantly moist, nourished and regenerated, it has soft and velvet smooth feel.


Regenerum regenerating body spray serum rich composition provides intensive and lasting effect, which distinguishes it from other creams and lotions.


Natural moisturizing particles that stay on horny layer of epidermis enhancing effect of instant hydration. They retain water in epidermis and prevent its evaporation, which makes skin maintain high hydration level for a long time.

Fruit and herbal extracts

It is a hydrating complex based on combination of marigold, aloe vera, cactus pear, honey, pear and passion fruit extracts. Its content enhances balancing hydration level. Additionally, the complex forms a protective layer on skin.


It has excellent moisturizing, conditioning and nourishing properties and it additionally calms irritation.

Argan oil

It strengthens skin’s lipid barrier that protects it from damaging effects of external factors. It has anti-aging properties, improves skin’s proper hydration, elasticity, nourishment and cellular restoration. It is recommended for regeneration of dry and dehydrated skin that is irritated and damaged by factors such as sun.

Avocado extract

It helps maintain and restore proper functions of protective barrier of skin, it protects from irritation. In addition, avocado extract stimulates collagen synthesis, and the content of panthenol effectively retains water in skin. It smoothes skin without lubrication effect.


Collagen gives skin increased elasticity, smooth and silky kook and reduction of cracks caused by external factors.
Additionally, collagen has moisturizing properties – it improves water retention in epidermis.


Regenerum regenerating body serum is an excellent alternative to traditional lotions whose application can be time-consuming.

An innovative formula of Regenerum regenerating body spray serum guarantees easy and pleasant application.

All you need to do is spray the areas that need hydration the most, and then with a swift move rub it into your body.
Thanks to it foam texture, serum absorbs instantly, you can put on your clothes within seconds after application.

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