Regenerum hand regenerating treatment


Regenerum regenerating hand treatment is a professional treatment for self-application at home. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes hands and boosts collagen regeneration, and so preventing signs of aging. An innovative formula of gloves soaked in serum warms hands and opens pores in your skin, letting active ingredients absorb into its deep layers. Active micro particles are gradually released and, thereby, guarantee intensive and lasting effect of the serum.

Termo-active formula

2a The gloves warm hands

2b Pores open up

2c The formula helps active ingredients absorb into deep layers of your skin

2d The gradually released active micro particles guarantee intensive and lasting effect


Regenerum hand regenerating treatment



  • intensively nourishes and regenerates even very dry skin
  • deeply moisturizes
  • restores skin smoothness and elasticity
  • calms irritation
  • effectively protects and
  • makes skin more resistant to the damaging effect of external factors



Hands are thoroughly regenerated, smooth, soft and delicate.


Hyaluronic acid

It has anti-aging properties, intensively firms and makes hands supple. Additionally, it effectively moisturizes even very dry skin and it forms a protective layer that prevents further water loss.

Vitamin E

Prevents symptoms of aging, deeply regenerating your skin.

Shea butter

It is an excellent moisturizer – the content of lipids and oils improves hydration level and restores smoothness and elasticity. It repairs skin, restoring and boosting functioning of its natural protective barrier. It has also soothing and nourishing properties.

Rose oil

Regenerates lipid layer of the epidermis and effectively eliminates skin dryness. Additionally, it protects delicate skin from photo aging and reduces discolorations.


It is responsible for hydration of horny layer of epidermis. As it binds water in the deeper layers of skin, it intensively softens and smooths hands.

Effects of Regenerum regenerating hand treatment are visible right after first application – hands are silky smooth, fully regenerated and firm and they look much younger.

How to use

Gloves size is universal.

Use the formula on washed and pat-dried hands, leave for 35-50 minutes. After removing the gloves rub the remaining serum into your hands. There is no need to wash your hands afterwards.

In order to maintain the effects, repeat treatment depending on individual needs.

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