Regenerum lip regenetating serum


Lips are very delicate, because they are much more likely to dry than the rest of the skin.

Dry, chapped lips is a problem faced by many women and even men. The factors that are responsible for chapped lips include: staying in a dry, cool place, atmospheric factors, eating salty foods, frequent licking lips and some medications.
Regardless of the cause, Regenerum lip regenerative serum is the solution.

Regenerum lip regenerative serum nourishes and cares for the delicate skin of the lips, while deeply moisturizing and protecting it from moisture loss. Due to the components which restore the lipid layer of the epidermis, the serum effectively regenerates even very dry, irritated and chapped skin of the lips, providing rapid soothing relief.
In addition, Regenerum provides the skin with long-lasting sun protection (SPF 15) and prevents harmful effects of other external factors (frost, wind), making your lips always soft, elastic and silky smooth.

  • it provides intensive regeneration of even very dry skin of the lipsP3
  • it nourishes and preserves the skin
  • it moisturizes and protects against moisture loss
  • it acts as a sunscreen (SPF 15)
  • it protects against harmful effects of external factors
  • it makes your skin silky smooth and elastic



Sea-buckthorn oil

Sea-buckthorn oil comes from sea-buckthorn, which is regarded as one of the most nutritious plants, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and polyphenols.
Due to this oil, the serum effectively regenerates chapped and cracked lip skin, restoring its softness and smooth texture.

Shea Butter and provitamin B5

effectively moisturize, nourish and keep your skin healthy

Vitamins A and E

They strengthen the skin’s protective layer preventing loss of water and recurrent drying.

The extract of mango and avocado

It stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin, making the lips firmer and more elastic.

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